Technology meets Event Management

Events of various kinds are being attended by people across the globe. How companies are organizing unique events is attractive, but how event management technology operates here is intriguing.

Technology has grown manifold over the years and in astonishing ways. From being limited to a knowledeable few , technology has found application in every household,.When it comes to events, we all have been a part of one sometime or the other. Today, event management technology is redefining our experiences at an event.


Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a technology that has gained momentum in the last decade. With VR’s unique feature of portraying real-life views on a user’s device and making tours within reach has allowed people to experience things like never before. With VR technology being introduced in events, portraying how a company’s product looks during a seminar or an exhibition becomes easy and makes the prospect even more interested in buying that product.

Live streaming

With live streaming, people who are unable to attend an event can remotely view it on their mobile devices. Using this technology, the number of people attending the event increases. This allows people who are not able to come, become the virtual attendees. There are several companies that enable these events to be streamed over their networks and further allow people to record it too.An example of websites allowing people to host an event live is the live feature from Facebook. Facebook recently launched this feature where people can share a live video when in a concert.

Radio frequency identification

Using this technology, companies arranging and managing events can fluently keep track of people that are attending an event and the number. of people who attend such events almost always. RFID technology helps in the collection of qualitative and quantitative data, that can be gathered and used for analysis. Companies can track what people are more interested in.

Online payments

The technological innovation of making online payments has made managing an event so easy that it reduced the number of people arriving at the ticket counters and standing in queues.

With online payment, people who wish to attend an event in a city can easily go to the website specified by organizers. While booking their tickets online, customers are taken to the company’s payment portal where they can finalize their payments and confirm their arrival at the event. With online payment being used more frequently, the tedious task of physically entering and noting down every transaction during an event is becoming a thing of past.

Event management companies are relying on technology as using technology for their processes has eased out several tedious tasks. Organizers are looking out for other ways that technology can be used in their events for smoothening out every event that they host.