The Doers Network, Premium Outreach Partner with Conquest Bits Pilani invites all the Entrepreneurs and Startups to be a part of Conquest 2019 Being held at Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and other cities.

New C

Incase you don't have a website, please share some online source from where we can know more about you.
  • Ideation
  • Prrof of concept / MVP
  • Beta Launched
  • Early Revenues / Scaling
  • Steady Revenue
vertical sector implies specific categories of business. A vertical market meets the needs of a particular industry. you can select upto 5 relevant sectors.
Horizontal sectors are generic categories that apply across multiple verticals. A horizontal market is a market in which a product or service meets a specific need for a wide range of buyers across different sectors of an economy. You can choose upto 5 relevant sectors
  • 0-6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • 1-2 years
  • 2+ years
This question is about the problem you are trying to solve and providing information about how you are solving it i.e the product and services that you are offering to the customers.
Tell us about your competitors and what makes your product unique.
How far along the process of building your product are you i.e highlight the product roadmap if the product is not built yet and any significant additions you are planning to make
Give us numbers and statistics on how you've been running your business and how it makes money. Tell us about customer traction, partnership/clients, registered users, traffic etc.
  • Yes, I am working full time
  • No, I am not working full time
How many people has your business employed? Briefly introduce the crucial members of your team, their background and whether they are working full-time.
To make the most of conquest, it is essential that you come to Bangalore to interact with successful founders and investors in our network. We'll take care of everything while you make the most of the Startup Hub of India.
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