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Social media is filled with friends, business professionals and companies all trying to have their voices heard. Friends and family may be on social media trying to express their recent political concerns, trying to create a conversation that has an impact.

But there’s a world of difference between personal and professional posts. Business professionals need to make sure that their posts do not tarnish their professional images.

Whether posting to the 2.2 billion users on Facebook, Instagram’s 1 billion users or Twitter’s 325 million users, it’s difficult for business professionals to create great posts.



There’s a threshold of how much promotion followers will handle before they’re turned off by a professional’s social media posts. We see this often with our friends and family that seemingly go on a hiatus from social media because they’re tired of:

  • Political posts
  • Negativity
  • Friends trying to sell diet programs

Business professionals need to make sure that they’re not overly promotional, and one way to do this is to focus on education. Let’s assume that you’re an injury lawyer that is posting on Facebook every day. If all of your posts are trying to get followers to retain your services, you’ll quickly lose followers.

What can you do instead?

  • Educate followers with informative posts.
  • Create posts on your blog that can be linked to for further information.

But this is just the start. You’ll also want to start digging into your own data. Let’s assume that, as a lawyer, you receive a lot of questions about slip and fall accidents.

You can repurpose these questions, and your answers to them, on social media to create great posts that people want to read.

Digging a little deeper, also take a look at your site’s traffic and where visitors are going most often. Perhaps you have a post on how to handle a slip and fall properly. You can start taking snippets of these posts to generate a stronger following on social media.

What else can business professionals post to stand out in a crowd?

  • Trending topics. Google Trends can help you find topics that your audience is talking about.
  • Business professionals can be great teachers, so they should share tips with their followers. This can be a personal trainer sharing a tip on how to build more muscle, or it can be a landscaper explaining how to take care of azaleas this year.
  • Behind the scenes. Elon Musk is a social media success, and it’s because he is not afraid to show people some of the behind-the-scenes moments in his life. From working 100 hours a week to dealing with investors, he shows what makes his businesses a success.
  • Posts on how to use a product or service. Business professionals have a story to tell, and one of these stories should be how you helped a customer find success. A tax professional can share how much money they saved a client, or a landscaper can share their before and after pictures of a project.

If a business professional sits down and analyzes their posts, they’ll be able to find what works and what doesn’t work. Being raw, educational, professional and not being too promotional is a great start.



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