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Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing


Since the first American television advertisement aired in 1941, there has been a flood of ads on every channel possible. Radio, TV, print and film have all been the ideal mediums for advertisers to market their products or services to the masses since it all began almost 75 years ago. Luckily for us, technology has advanced enough to bring about the dawn of a new area — digital marketing.

Reaching Target Audience

When you are marketing through hoardings and TV commercials, it is not necessary that your target audience will see it, it might reach many people but it is not necessary that they are your target group whereas in digital marketing you can be very specific while selecting the target audience. If you launch a new sport shoes for men then through Google ads or Social Media ads you can actually target males with a specific age who are into sports. This same thing is not available in traditional marketing.


A great business knows that word of mouth travels and is a motivator of purchase behavior. With social media discussions and search engine reviews, there are many ways for customers to share their experience with their friends. With that being said, social media and email marketing are examples of how digital marketing offers two-way communication, allowing for feedback and relationship building. Traditional marketing is solely one-way communication, showcasing a product, event or service and leaving it at that. When you are able to connect with your audience and offer solutions to their wants and needs, they practically do your marketing for you.


When you put up a hoarding then only the people living in that vicinity and passing through that area can see it, similarly even if you are putting an ad in newspaper then only the people who read that newspaper might see it, the exposure is quite limited. That is not the case in digital marketing; with just a click you can reach to international audiences as well. The exposure that your campaigns gain when marketed digitally is much higher than the traditional marketing.


When purchasing an ad spot on radio or TV, you aren’t given much more information than the number of listeners in that market (maybe a profile of the average listener if you’re lucky). With digital marketing, targeting features for campaigns are unmatched by traditional advertising. In a social media campaign, you can create a whole custom audience of people to reach, or create an audience solely of people that have already visited your website. When marketing on search engines like Google, you can target people searching for exactly what your business is offering! Digital marketing takes out the guesswork by providing in-depth analytics and metrics about your audience and your marketing efforts.

Career Opportunities

With the digital marketing industry growing everyday the demand for efficient Digital Marketers is also growing. With over 1,50,000 digital jobs being predicted by 2020, making a career in digital marketing is a the best choice for any marketing professional. As mentioned above the investment in traditional marketing is decreasing and therefore you can also expect a downfall in the opportunities for traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing has its share of disadvantages as well like you cannot reach to people who are anti – social or who are not present online and one mistake can tarnish your image if it goes viral but if you go to see, the number of pros are higher than cons so wait no more and start planning your digital marketing strategies today that is if you have not started them already.

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