These are the world’s 5 most innovative countries

For a nation to be successful, being powerful is not the only essential factor; innovative

countries focus on the power of technology instead.

The importance of innovation is realized by all the countries across the globe. As innovation is crucial throughout the development of any kind, technological inventions lead to a better-grown economy. Various innovations are taking place with an improvement in communication technologies. Several factors, such as open trade and foreign investment, have been affected due to economies accepting the nature of being innovative for the betterment of their people. As technologies are evolving at a marvelous speed, different countries are trying to be innovative in their approach towards them and how technology can be used for national benefits.

Here are 5 of the most innovative countries in the world.

1.  Switzerland

Switzerland has been named as the most innovative country in the world because of a very valid reason – they use technology to have all their financial transactions online. This further leads to enhancing their financial sector in such a way that their national strengths and industries are enhanced.

2.  The United States of America

Since the great recession, USA has been brought back to track by its innovators. With huge leaps in technology and Internet enterprises, it has made it back to the top 5. USA has several technological innovations to boast about – from building the first computer to its role in the rise of the Internet to being home to the Silicon Valley – USA has shown some true potential, and the urge to be ever innovative seems to be never-ending.

3.  The United Kingdom

With the ever-evolving innovations in its medical research, the UK has proved to be one of the most notable and leading innovators across the globe. The UK has been blossoming since the announcement of the silicon roundabout. The “Tech City” also has been a point of discussion for many. The tech city has gained renowned recognition because it is one of those places that hold tremendous amount of technology start-ups.

4.  Finland

Finland is on the list of the top 5 innovative countries across the globe because of its education system. The attitude of the Finns about to attach as much importance to student recreation as academics, and shorter schooldays has led to Finland being on this list. Furthermore, Finland has stopped urging its students to compete with each other, and ask them to focus on improving their all-round growth instead.

5.  Netherlands

The government in Netherlands focuses on unconventional areas like energy, agri-food, logistics, and life sciences. The nation has also faired respectfully in the patent filing and e-participation arena. Furthermore, start-ups have been urged to focus on bringing better resources that focus on increasing the agricultural output of the nation.

Technological innovations are ever evolving as they directly deal with improving lives of the people. A country’s emphasis on improving its ability to innovate is what makes it stand out.

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